See Why William and Kate’s Relationship Isn’t the Same Anymore

Constantly Compared

See Why William and Kate's Relationship Isn't the Same Anymore
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Just as she was constantly compared with Princess Diana, Sarah Ferguson said that it is quite common for both the media and public to pit women against each other, which is exactly what was happening in the case of Kate and Meghan. As she said, this is quite disturbing, because she never had a rift with Diana, but there were numerous allegations that these two weren’t getting along and that they were highly competitive. From what she suggests, the reader should never be too obsessed with headlines. In most cases, the motive of the writer isn’t as focused on bringing out the truth as he is on making it interesting. What we can conclude from the numerous claims that Sarah made is that, even if Meghan and Kate did have a couple of initial discussions, it is something that they overcame.