The Top 20 Most Watched Videos in TikTok

If you think ticking and tocking are just about the way your old clock chimes, you're in for a shock.  TikTok is one of the biggest social media networks in the world today. 

With this big platform, there’s no arguing that some of the most viral content circulating the internet originated from this app. Most of the viral content and videos on TikTok come from popular figures using the app, 


Some of these stars even have millions of followers under their belt. TikTok has certainly served as an avenue to entertain, educate, and connect to people around the globe. Let's take a look at the most-watched videos on TikTok today. 

The Top 20 Most Watched Videos in TikTok

20. Bottle Cap Challenge By Zach King (@zachking) – 114 Million Views

Zach King is one of the names you’ll see in this list over and over and his attempt at doing this bottle cap challenge (started by no other than Taekwondo champ Farabi Davletchin) is proof why he is touted as the great ‘magician.’

Instead of kicking or taking the bottle cap off, King is seen twisting the cap off using his feet and then ‘jumping’ off into the bottle itself and being poured out of it later on. 


19. Musical Chairs by Zach King - 120.2 Million Views

Another one of King’s magic tricks and illusions, this video simply shows the user celebrating his birthday with friends and playing magical chairs. 

Upon sitting down, however, the chair is revealed to be merely an illusion. But when another sits on it later, it magically solidifies. How cool is that?

18. The Great Escape by Zach King - 125.9 Million Views 

Yet another creative masterpiece by Zach is his sketch as an escaped prisoner. Here, this TikTok star uses his shadow to lift his physical self and leave the premises, almost a nod or an homage of sorts to Peter Pan and his shenanigans. 


17. Video Games in Class by Zach King - 128.6 Million Views

This particular clip shows Zach playing a video game on his iPad during class. 

However, as the teacher turns and notices the user, the iPad turns to an eBook reader, which then turns to a book. A good way to avoid punishment in class, wouldn’t you say?

16. #BlackLivesMatter by Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio) - 133.9 Million Views

With millions of followers, Charli D’Amelio took to TikTok to speak in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Here, Charli puts her platform to good use by shedding light on George Floyd’s murder and voiced her support for the protests. D’Amelio also said she plans to continue being an ally. 

15. Savage Challenge by Charli D’Amelio - 143.5 Million Views

On a lighter note, Charli also participated in the Savage Challenge which was based on Megan Thee Stallion’s song, Savage. The choreography was created by Keara Wilson (@keke.janajah) but was popularized thanks to Charli and the rest of other influencers who had a huge following on the app.

14. Who’s Next? By Charli D’Amelio - 153.4 Million Views

Sang by Hip Hop Harry, this dance circle song is making rounds on TikTok with users pretending to be part of the show or the dance circle itself. Charli put her spin to the song, with her starting a choreography and her mother going next to do the same after her. 

13. Who Made This Dance? (Take You Down Remix) by Charli D’Amelio - 162.7 Million Views

Sung by Chris Brown and remixed by itsjessmena, Charli D’Amelio once more took part in a growing trend by dancing to this tune. This shows the user lip-syncing to the song before breaking into dance using heavy steps and exaggerated movements to complement the bass-heavy switch. 

12. Best Friends Check by The Rock (@therock - 167.6 Million Views

The Best Friends Check is a heartwarming video showing you and your best friend as two different people with unique qualities and then meshing well together. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took part in this challenge and showed his endearing friendship with Kevin Hart, with the clip ending with a hug. 

11. Hips Don’t Lie Challenge (Escalator) by Michael Le (@justmaiko) - 170.8 Million Views

Michael Le, also known as @justmaiko, has a number of trending videos showcasing his dance moves. In the Hips Don’t Lie dance video, the user dances to Shakira’s song before breaking out in a song to finish the song. 

One thing’s for sure, those riding the elevator are in for a shock. 

10. Kolors Challenge by Charli D’Amelio - 171.3 Million Views

The Goopie Challenge set to Kolors by Monte Book. A viral dance challenge created by user @goopie, this has since garnered tons of attention thanks to its wild moves and over-the-top hand gestures. 

Charli also performed this video but has since put her own spin rather than simply following Goopie’s moves.

9. World Record Experiment - David Dobrik (@daviddobrik) - 185.8 Million Views

David Dobrik is no stranger to creating out-of-this-world experiments. In this video, Dobrik takes the Coke and Mentos experiment on a much larger scale. The resulting experiment showed four people pouring chemicals of some sort and with a massive amount of red foam spilling over. 

8. Tag Your Favorite Person by Riyaz (@riyaz.14) - 212.9 Million Views

The goal of the video is simple: tag your favorite person. Here, the clip shows Riyaz starting to make a video on his own before momentarily stopping to call his favorite person. After snapping his fingers, a woman behind him magically appears. 

7. All I Want for Christmas is You by The Rock - 218.8 Million Views

The Rock makes another appearance on this list with Kevin Hart. Set to All I Want for Christmas is You, the video starts by the duo coming out of a house and then, to a Soulja Boy song, Kevin Hart as Santa, kicks The Rock, who poses as an elf. 

6. Ahi Challenge (Escalator) by Michael Le – 233 Million Views

Another beloved challenge on the TikTok app is yet another dance-based on. Albeit still on the escalator, this one is set to Nfasis’ song Tra Tra, with its chorus bearing the words, “ahi, ahi, ahi.” Originally choreographed by Elrod Contreras, we can see Michael Le dancing this alongside his cuter kid brother.

5. Wipe it Down Challenge by Will Smith (@willsmith) - 257 Million Views

Will Smith is no stranger to the limelight. In this TikTok video, the actor/rapper is shown joining the Wipe It Down challenge by wiping the mirror and showing his famous Men in Black character, Agent J. 

4. Wet Paint Magic by Zach King – 658.2 million views

Zach King makes another appearance with his wet paint magic trick. Here, the user is shown going out of the hallway and painting a wall beside this. Another man who happens to walk by the hallway fails to pass, making it seem like space was just an illusion. What are the odds, right? 

3. Hide and Seek by Zach King – 949.2 million views

In a game of hiding and seek, Zach tries not to be discovered. He turns to the mirror as his last hope, enters it, goes through the shower area, and then emerges under the sink cupboard – the place he initially wanted to start. 

2. Glass Half Full by Zach King – 964.7 million views

The user starts by pouring water in a glass. Upon setting the glass on the table, Zach starts to ‘shatter’ the illusion by cutting through it, only to reveal that the glass is actually made of cake. Can we say yum?

1. Magic Broomstick by Zach King – 2.1 billion views

Harry Potter fans want to know what it’s like to soar through the grounds Hogwarts. Zach King has definitely made this dream possible by showing himself riding a Nimbus 2000 broomstick – only to turn around and show himself holding cardboard or mirror of sorts while speeding on a longboard.

The Top 20 Most Watched Videos in TikTok

The Bottom Line

These most watched videos on TikTok certainly make a strong case for experiencing the app on wifi or at home. Apart from learning more about the different types of trends and creations, it tells you that your normal life might be interesting for other people.