See Why William and Kate’s Relationship Isn’t the Same Anymore

Most Affectionate?

See Why William and Kate's Relationship Isn't the Same Anymore
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Throughout this article, we have been doing our best to discuss and review the PDA and the body language that multiple royal couples have been showing over the course of the past years/decades. Yes, William and Kate have changed their ways in this matter, as looking at things today, they are much fonder of one another in public. On the other hand, everyone is impressed that Camilla and Charles are looking at each other like the first time they met. With all this in mind, the question is – who gets the reward for the most affectionate couple? We have to say it is Prince Harry and Princess Meghan. Not only did they inspire William and Kate to work towards more PDA, but they were incredibly attractive and affectionate throughout their Australasian tour when they managed to win the hearts of millions across the Commonwealth.