How to Watch Hotstar In the USA / UK

In this article, I am going to write about How to watch Hotstar in the USA or any Country. Being very popular in India and worldwide, Hotstar has its own fan-following. If you are also addicted to watching premium movies, TV shows, and web series then Hotstar is the key that can fulfill your cravings. It is an online streaming application which allows you to stream LIVE TV and other media content originated from India. Not only that, but it also streams selective content from other countries like the USA, UK, Europe, and Russia. You can say that Hotstar is a miniature version of NETFLIX.

Hotstar possesses a huge amount of streaming content, which is around 50,000 hours. So, you can estimate the diversity and premium quality of the content that you can easily access through Hotstar.


Hotstar is accessible in India and other countries like the USA and UK. Apart from that, there are geo-restrictions on most of Indian TV shows and movies. This article all about how to access those geo-restricted content while sitting in any corner of the world. Yes, it is possible to watch those TV shows by using some special VPN apps like IPVanish VPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPN, Surf Shark, and many others. We will discuss how to get these apps, how to use these apps, and their functioning, later in this article.

Why VPN is Essential for Watching Hotstar Outside India?

The term VPN refers to Virtual Private Network which is a service that establishes a secure connection between your device and the internet. With the help of a VPN, your identity gets secured and no one can trace your location. VPN ensures a secure path among the shared networks that can be WIFi, Broadband, local network or any other like these to transfer the data securely. In this way, it acts like an invisible protection wall preventing from cyber attacks and viruses. Here are some of the prominent features of VPN applications:

  • Provides anonymity
  • Secure network connection
  • Provides restriction-free access to websites
  • Access all media content
  • Prevents ISP interference
  • Keeps your information private
  • Prevents activities like hacking

I personally suggest you to use IPVanish VPN as it is one of the best VPN service providers in the world. It has its own 1300 plus servers in 75 different locations which allow you to stream your favorite content securely.


How to Sign Up for Indian Hotstar in the USA or Other Country

For this, you will need a debit or credit card, as it requires payment procedures. Apart from this, the card you are using for payment must be issued in India. Otherwise, you have to ask for a friend to make the payment from India. As an alternative, you can also use Fiver gigs to make payment. After making the payment, all you have to do is just turn ON the IPvanish VPN and sit back to enjoy the show. Here is the procedure you have to go through for making the payment using browser:

Sign Up for Indian Hotstar in the USA

  • Select the plan which is most suitable for you viz., Hotstar Premium and Hotstar VIP

watch hotstar in usa

  • Now enter the Name, Email address and password to sign up
  • Facebook account can also be used for signing up

watch hotstar outside india

  • After sign up, complete the payment procedures
  • Proceed with the instructions given on the screen to complete the signup process
  • Bingo! You can stream your favorite show on Indian Hotstar

If you are living in the UK then you can access Hotstar from Hotstar is also officially available in the UK but I still recommend you to use Indian Hotstar because its six times cheaper than the UK.

How to Watch Hotstar in USA Using VPN Method

Now you most of the general information about Hotstar and VPN, why it is used while watching in the USA and what are its beneficial features. Let us now move forward and see how to install Hotstar on your device and use it in the USA with respect to Firestick. In this guide, I will show you how to install Hotstar on firestick & fire TV. There are some basic steps you have to follow which are enlisted below:

  • Start your Smart TV with FireStick and navigate to search option in the home screen by using the remote control
  • Type Hotstar in the search box by using remote

How to Watch Hotstar in USA Using VPN Method

  • Various apps will appear on the screen after search results
  • Locate the official Hotstar app and click on it to proceed
  • Now click on the download button to start downloading processes

hotstar on firestick

  • Once the app is downloaded, the installation will start automatically
  • After completion of all the processes run the IPVanish VPN and connect it with Indian server
  • After that, go to ‘Your Apps & Channels’ and run the installed app
  • Open Hotstar app & Sign in using a Facebook account or email and enjoy the show.

Change the Region in your Device to Download Hotstar app (Outside India)

As you already know that Hotstar is mainly used in India and some other countries like the USA. In order to stream Hotstar content in the countries where it is not available officially, you need to change the region in the settings. These manipulations in the settings are necessary to watch geo-restricted content in the locations where it is not available. In this section, we will teach you how to change the region on different devices.

Google Play Store

  • Visit the official Google Play Store page
  • Sign in here to proceed
  • Locate the Settings option in the left side panel
  • In here, change the region and address to India

Apple App Store

  • Start your iOS device
  • Go to the ‘settings’ page
  • Click on ‘iTunes & App Store’
  • After that click on ‘View Apple ID’
  • Do the authentication of ID if necessary
  • Now click on the ‘Country/Region’ option on the screen
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen to proceed

Amazon App Store

  • Start your amazon firestick
  • Visit the sign-in page and sign in with authentic ID
  • Navigate to the Settings tab on the right side
  • Now click on the ‘change’ button under ‘country settings’
  • Select India in it and proceed

How to Watch Hotstar in USA Without VPN

For your information, Hotstar is officially available in the USA also. You can easily get it on the Play Store, App Store, and Amazon Store depending on the device you are using at that time. Now you will think that why to go through the cumbersome procedures of VPN and all. The reason is that it will provide you with cost-efficient streaming as compared to the official app in the USA.

In the USA, pricing, policies, terms, and conditions are different from those present in India. For instance, in India Hotstar subscription requires around $15 per year and on the other hand, it is $99.9 per year in the USA. The difference between these two prices is very huge for a common man.

Apart from all these, the VPN method also allows you to stream geo-restricted content which is not possible in the USA version even after paying so much higher than that.

If you still want to use Hotstar USA service, here is the stepwise procedure given below;

  • Enter the required details or you can sign up using Facebook account or email
  • After that, the new screen will appear, here enter the credit card information
  • Proceed with the instructions given on the screen to complete the signup process
  • After signing in enter the code from the Hotstar app screen in the required section
  • Enjoy the show!

How to Watch Hotstar In USA/UK For Free

Hotstar also provides you with free media content in an enormous amount. The main thing is that you don't even need to sign up or log in for watching the free content, just start the app and keep watching. Now, if you are looking for more specific and premium content like IPL, cricket World cup, etc. then you can choose a plan according to the relevance.

  • Subscribe to IPVanish VPN From Here
  • Download IPvanish App on your device and log in with your credentials
  • Connect your device to the Indian server
  • Visit and open any free content.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about watching Hotstar in the USA. In this article, we have demonstrated how to use the VPN to watch Hotstar, how to stream Hotstar without VPN, how to change the settings required to complete the procedures and many more.

There are many VPN service providers like PureVPN, ExpressVPN, Surf Shark, etc but my personal favorite one is IPVanish VPN and also suggest you to use it for a better and safer connection.

You can also stream Hotstar in the USA without a VPN but there are many disadvantages of that including higher rates and less Indian content. So, the VPN method is the best method to watch Indian Hotstar shows in the USA. One more important thing is that, unlike NETFLIX, Hotstar does not block the VPN servers. Hence, you can use any of the Indian servers and enjoy the favorite show.

If you have any doubts or queries about any of the information given above, you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below or you can also reach to us through email. And please don’t hesitate to suggest any advice for the article or information that you feel must be present in this article. Don’t forget to share this, if you liked it.