Target App – Learn How to Download and Earn Discounts

Target is one of the biggest department stores in the United States, so it's impossible for people not to know about it. It has also become one of the most profitable companies in the United States.

Target has a lot of customers because most of the things it sells are on sale. Using Target's mobile app, you can get more discounts on the things you buy there. 


Read on to find out more about the Target app and what it can do. Find out how you get discounts on the Target app to buy what you need for the best price.

  • What Is Target?
  • How Can You Create an Account On The Target App?
  • How Can You Find The Nearest Target Store On The App?
  • What Is The Target App’s Discover Tab?
  • How Can You Check Target Purchases On The App?
  • How Can You Earn Discounts Using The Target App?
Target App – Learn How to Download and Earn Discounts
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What Is Target?

In the United States, you can shop at any location in the Target chain. It is the eighth-largest store in the country. The main office of this chain is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company has grown significantly sincthe first Target store opened in 1962.

Target App – Learn How to Download and Earn Discounts
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There are almost 2,000 Target stores in the United States, so it is nearly impossible not to have one nearby. Aside from how easy it is to get to, customers like me choose to shop at Target because it offers discounts on its featured items.


Target's popularity grew over time, which is why it is on the 2020 Fortune 500 list of the most profitable companies in the United States. The Target Corporation has also opened new kinds of stores.

Target is the name of the discount store, SuperTarget is the name of the supermarket, and CityTarget or TargetExpress is the name of the small stores. No matter how stores are set up, everyone will have a Target store nearby.

What Is The Target App?

Target wants to be easier for its customers to get to. So, it put the Target app on the market in August 2010. By letting customers join the Target Circle, the Target app hopes to make their trips to Target more fun.


You can play your next Target run by looking at what's available in the Target Circle, so you can streamline your run to take less time. 

The Target app is free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. For the Target app to run well, you need AndroidOS 7.0 (and up) or iOS 13.0 (or later).

How Can You Create An Account On The Target App?

As soon as you download the Target app, it will ask you to make an account. Users who have used the site before only need to sign in using the email address, mobile phone number, and password they used to register.

Target App – Learn How to Download and Earn Discounts
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If you don't have an account, you’ll need to sign up for a new account as a new user. Provide your personal information, like your name, email address, and cell phone number. The app will then prompt you to set up a password for your account, including lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

The Target app is interesting because others can use its features and look at its content without signing in or making an account. In the upper-right corner, they must tap the "Continue as Guest" button on the app's welcome page.

However, guest users can only use a small number of the app's features. They can only finish transactions if they manually enter their personal information into the app each time. So, the guest option is the best choice if you only want to explore the app.

Why Should You Read Target App’s Privacy Policy?

Before you finish signing up for the Target app, it is best to read its Privacy Policy and agree to it. The Target app will tell you what kinds of information it would get from its users. For example, it collects the following.

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Driver's license number
  • Credit card number or debit card number
  • Purchase/return/exchange information
  • Geo-location
  • Language preferences
  • IP address
  • Demographics
  • Other types of information

The Target app said these pieces of information are needed to provide a service, especially when making a purchase. The app also said it would keep the users' private information as safe as possible without sharing it with third-party services.

How Can You Find The Nearest Target Store On The App?

The Target app will eventually ask you where the nearby Target stores are to plan your next Target run. Based on your current location, the app will display a list of all the Target stores nearby.

Target App – Learn How to Download and Earn Discounts
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There’s also a search feature where you can manually input a Zip code or address. This is beneficial, especially if you’re going to another city or state. So, you have to give the Target app permission to use my phone's geolocation.

If you always visit a specific Target store or branch closest to you, make it your default go-to store. Then, the Target app tells you what's happening at the chosen store or if it has any special services.

For example, the nearest Target store to you has a no-contact policy. It means there are standard ways to do things in the store that I could do on my own. There is also a "Drive Up" feature, which means they will load all purchases on the car truck for free.

Fingerprint Feature

After you make an account on the Target app, it will ask you immediately if you want to use your fingerprint the next time you log in. Fingerprint verification is one way the app ensures you are using it and making a transaction.

When you want to buy something, the fingerprint security feature will make it faster and easier to check out. You can see what it offers now that you’ve set up my fingerprint to verify the app.

What Is The Target App’s Discover Tab?

Like any other online shopping app, the Target app lets you look at the items, add them to a shopping cart, and check out to pay. These things can be done through the app's primary tabs: Discover, To Go, Wallet, Cart, and My Target.

Target App – Learn How to Download and Earn Discounts
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The Discover tab lets you find things sold at your chosen Target store. You can pick up the products or get them delivered after checking them out. It is also possible to make a list on the tab to plan your next trip to Target.

The Target app also tells its users what kinds of items are available, which makes it easier to shop. 

The categories are groceries, clothes, shoes, accessories, baby, home, patio & gardening, kitchen & dining, art & craft, toys, furniture, electronics, sports, school, beauty, health, and many more.

Shopping Options On The App

The Target app can be used in several ways. First, you can use the app to place an order ahead of time and pick up the items at the store. The staff at the branch will also bring them out to the car as a free service.

There is also an option for same-day delivery. Using the Target app, you schedule a delivery of the things you bought. There is a delivery fee, but it is the most convenient choice because you don't have to go out and buy the things you need.

Lastly, the Target app lets you list the things you want to buy to plan your next trip to Target. Target app users can check when the items will be on sale or have a discount.

How Can You Check Target Purchases On The App?

The app for Target supplies its users with a lot of important information that pertains to their Target purchases. It allows them to check the items currently stored in the shopping cart. Thus, customers can thoroughly review the products they intend to purchase.

Target App – Learn How to Download and Earn Discounts
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In addition, a purchase history section displays all of the transactions completed using the Target app. The app's purchase history feature allows you to reorder, manage, and even return any items you successfully purchased.

You Can  Even Create Lists On The Target App

The app allows users to compile what they need in different events or situations. For instance, you may compile a list of the foods you typically purchase at the grocery store and the supplies you require while throwing a party.

The Target app enables you to save available things, allowing you to retrieve them quickly, even if you do not end up adding them to your shopping basket.

How Can You Earn Discounts Using The Target App?

Even though most of the items at Target are already on sale, the Target app gives me more ways to get even better deals. First, you can often check to see what items are on sale or have limited-time offers.

Target App – Learn How to Download and Earn Discounts
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On the Wallet tab, more options let you join the Target Circle. If a user is a member of the Target Circle, they can get special deals, like 20% off clothing and accessories on sale.

There are also saved offers and gift cards to choose from. You need to use these coupons and gift cards before the expiration dates.

How Can You Track Your Expenses Using The Target App?

One of the cool things about the Target app is that you can track how much money you spend. With the purchase history feature, you can see how much you’ve paid for the month to see if you’re still within my budget.

Interestingly, the app lets you see how much money you’ve saved buying things. The Target app keeps track of how much you’ve saved through sales and discounts every time you purchase something on sale.


The Target app provides its consumers with a hassle-free purchasing experience by providing pick-up and shipping choices. Target app users can access additional savings and specials at their local Target.