NBA App: Never Miss a Moment of the Latest Scores, Highlights, Stats and News

With the NBA finally back in session, fans want to get the latest news and updates from their favorite teams. People cannot watch games live as there are health restrictions are in place but there are several ways for fans to get the updates that they need. 

The NBA: Live Games and Scores app from NBA Properties assures you get the latest basketball news down to the post-game analysis and post-conference. The NBA has never failed to bring us the hype and action. 


And let's not forget about the overall star power from the likes of Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Luka Dončić, and many more stars. Now you can keep your eye on all of that with the app.  

NBA App: Never Miss a Moment of the Latest Scores, Highlights, Stats and News
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Via the app, you can know what is going on with all of the NBA's star players. You will also be up-to-date with the games and scores as they happen. With that in mind, the NBA app has that covered and many more.

To know more about how the NBA app works and what are its basic and exclusive features, check it out below.


Basic Features

NBA: Live Games and Scores is an app available to download for every NBA fan across the world. Get the latest highlights of the game through their newsfeed and be notified for any updates regarding scores, stats, and upsets. 

With the NBA app, you will always be informed of the latest going-ons of the league. NBA fans will get access to the basic features that include the official schedule of each NBA game.

You also get the scores and stats of each game as they are being played live. On top of that fans also get a sneak peek of in-game highlights and post-game insights from the experts and analysts. 


Users also get to stream press conferences and events after the game and can personalize different content such as your favorite teams and players. Get updates and news from the NBA right at your fingertips with the NBA app.

NBA App: Never Miss a Moment of the Latest Scores, Highlights, Stats and News

Get More Exclusive Features

If you want even more features, the NBA app offers the subscription-based NBA League Pass that allows users to gain access to even more exclusive features. Watch NBA games on the app as they go live or on-demand if you miss the games. 

Streaming the games is much more convenient even if you are just using your phone with its personalized resolution. You can even download the games and watch them later on if you are too busy with your daily activities. 

You can access classic games and relive the hype and action of previous historic matches within the NBA. If you want to know more about the league, the teams, the famous personalities, scandals, and everything in between, you can watch documentaries.

Get NBA TV with the Pass

Another exclusive feature within the app is NBA TV. it provides NBA League Pass plus more, NBA TV features streams of live games as well as on-air studio coverage and analysis of the game just like when you are watching it on TV. 

Check out documentaries and other selected classic games when you avail this feature. Note that NBA TV is available separately in the US and is not available in areas such as China, Canada, Spain, Italy, and Japan. 

You get to experience some of the best NBA content through NBA TV and NBA League Pass. Check out different games such as pre-season games, All-Star games, Playoffs, Finals, Draft, and Summer League all within the app.

How to Get the App

The app is free to download on the Google Play Store if you are getting the basic version. If you want to subscribe to the NBA League Pass, you will need to download the app and log in. 

Log in using your Google account and make sure that you have either your credit card or bank account linked to proceed with the payment.

Once subscribed, it will automatically get charged to your account every 30 days for a monthly subscription or every 365 days for the yearly subscription. The annual cost for a League Pass is $199.99 

The Premium version of ‘t have ads and will cost you $249.99 annually. If you only want to get access to your team’s games and information then you pay $119 annually. 

Currently, the app does not offer any refunds once payment has been made.


The NBA is home to the best basketball action. Get news and update as they happen both in and out of the court through the NBA app. 


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