How to Get Free .EDU Email Address In 3 Minutes (2019)

At some point, you might have heard about .Edu Email address on the web and the perks that come with it. Well, an Edu isn't any different from regular email service such as Gmail, Yahoo, however, the benefits that you will get with an .Edu email is something that sets it apart from the crowd. But, the problem is that not everyone can make Edu emails on their own. It's quite difficult to acquire one, but we've managed to break it down for you. In this post, I will share a depth guide on how to get free .edu email under 3 minutes.

Just in case, An Edu email is issued to students by their college or university that they're studying in. If you have an Edu email address, then it basically signifies that in one way or another you're affiliated to an educational institute. So, if you're already a student of some university, then you might be able to get such an account by requesting in your college. Or, if you're not a student, then you would follow the below-mentioned steps to get yourself a free .Edu email account.


Advantages Of .Edu Email Account

In case, if you're unaware of the benefits that come with an Edu email account, then Go through the following list that showcases all the key benefits of such accounts.

  • GitHub Student Developer Pack:- The major benefit of having an Edu email account is that you will be able to get the Student Developer Pack from GitHub for absolutely free of cost. It's going to be super useful if you're into Coding or Web developing, the pack also includes various free services such as $15 AWS coupon, $50 DigitalOcean coupon, etc.
  • Amazon Prime Student Pack:- You will be able to enjoy Amazon Prime Services for unto +6 months for free. The processing of obtaining the free Amazon Prime membership is simple, you just have to create an account on Amazon using your Edu email account, that's it. Amazon Prime lets you enjoy free Two-day shipping, Exclusive deals, Unlimited Streaming of Movies and Tv shows.
  • Discounts From Apple:- By using an Edu Email account, you will be able to save up to 200$ on your purchase from Apple Stores such as Music, in-App purchase, etc. If you're an avid user of Apple, then make use of this offer.

Apart from these, there are a few services and tools that you can avail for free or at a discounted rate with the help of an .Edu Email account. Now you might be wondering, how to get a .edu email if you are not a student? Well, for this you need to follow below-mentioned steps to get free edu email address.

How To Get Free .Edu Email Account (Working 2019)

how to get free .edu email address


Well, being a student will get you an Edu email address without any hassle or complication, However, if you're not a student or not affiliated to a University, then you will have to make some efforts In order to get working .Edu email account.

Make sure you follow the instructions properly as given below, otherwise, you may end up getting your Edu email account closed or blocked in future.

The process might seem lengthy, but we've decided to break the steps into parts so that it would be easier for you to catch up. So, let's go ahead and dive into the process of making free .edu email right away.


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Part 1:- Account Creation

  • Sign up as a New User (using your regular email address) on this link, you may have to solve a "Captcha" code if you're accessing this site for the first time.

free .edu email

  • During the registration process, you will be asked to provide necessary information about you such as Name, Address, DOB, etc. Make sure to save the username and password carefully on your PC.

Note:- You have to be a US citizen in order to complete to your Registration on the above link. If you're not from the US, then you will have to enter fake US citizen details in the field. Use this address generator to generate US-based address.

  1. After entering all the US citizen details as instructed above, simply click on the "Submit" option to create your Account. Now let's move on to the next part of the process.

Part 2:- Application Filling

Now login your account here and select any College from the available list to apply. Once you select any college, you will be given a few questions to answer. So, it's better if you answer those questions as given below.

  • First Name & Last Name:- You have to enter the same name that you've entered while creating your account in the first part.
  • DOB & Social Security Number:- Make sure to enter the same details that you've used during the registration of your account.

(It's mandatory to enter the same details, otherwise, your application may not be accepted.)

  • Gender:- Select Male or Female
  • Racial & Ethnic Identification:- Select "White"
  • Hispanico & Latino:- Select the option "No"
  • On the next step, you will be asked if you have applied or attended before, simply answer by selecting the option "No"
  • Now click on the "Save" option and hit continue to proceed further in the process.
  • On the next screen, you will have to enter a mailing address. Use any disposable email address, or you can enter your regular email address if you want.
  • Next, you will be asked if this is your permanent address, select "Yes"
  • In the Telephone number, you may enter any random number or leave it blank if you wish.
  • On the next step, check the box of "I have reviewed the Guidelines" and Continue.
  • Which High School Education:- Select "I don't have a GED" option.
  • Last Attended Date:- 01/2017
  • Highest Completed Grade:- 11th Grade
  • Have you ever attended:- Make sure to select the option "No"
  • I plan to start class:- Choose any class from the available list.
  • Move on to the next part of questions by clicking on "Save & Continue".
  • Have you ever served in the military:- No
  • Are you related to Military:- No
  • Once again, click on "Save and Continue".
  • Parent 1 and Parent 2:- Choose whichever option you like.
  • What is your Current Status:- Select US Native.
  • Primary Language:- English.

Now click on the "Submit" option to complete your Application.

Part 3:- The Final Part

It's compulsory to complete the application by entering the details as mentioned above. After successful completion of the application, you need to give your Signature by entering your Full Name. Now you will be redirected to a new page, there you will find "Temporary username and password" under the student details tab.

Note down the login details and wait for at least 6 hours for your account to be activated. In some cases, the activation process may take up to 24 hours. Once the given timeframe is completed, head over to this link and login using the temporary details that you've noted down. Post login on the above site, you will receive your Edu email account successfully which you can use to avail various benefits.


The entire process of creating free .edu email wouldn't take more than 3 minutes to complete if you follow all the afore-mentioned steps properly. Also, there are absolutely no charges involved anywhere in the process. It's completely free of cost. Let us know if you've any doubts in the comments. Keep visiting for more internet tips and tricks.