Discover the Top Sites for Tech Advice

Technology has invaded our lives in every which way, from smart cars, smartphones, iPhones, Tesla, etc. Almost every single thing we own is now powered through technology, and the most precious commodity nowadays is Wi-Fi.

So, seeing as it has completely revolutionized the way we function, it's necessary that we understand it. Of course, most of us understand the basics, but tech changes are almost daily and it's hard to keep up.  


So what'd you do to keep up? You go to people who have made it their life's work to inform the public about tech changes. And you can find those people on big tech advice sites. Up next we're going to tell you about the top sites.

Discover the Top Sites for Tech Advice
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Here Are Some of the Top Sites for Tech Advice


This one has got to feature in almost all tech-related lists as it is the go-to site for almost all tech-savvy people. There are more than 50,000 active contributors on the site.

If you ever get some scoop on technology, then this website would be the best news site for you to publish your findings. They highlight the business side of major acquisitions, tech innovations, product launches, and funding sources. 


You can browse the major brand names such as Apple, Google, and Twitter, and you can also sift through their reviews and news. Their most compelling section is their database of startups and technology companies. 

Each Crunch Base profile features financial details for all the companies which include their headquarters location, funding received, and the founder’s names.


This website provides a great multilingual resource center for impressive technology information. It is geared towards helping people become more informed about technology and their purchasing decisions. 


It has been around since 2004. It is not a surprise that the site contains a collection of blogs about businesses that have had success through technology, as it is the same case with the website’s creator Gizmodo, Peter Rojas.

They have the most interesting editorial team that is seriously involved in steering the company toward success. I  

The Next Web

This site is our next stop on the top sites for tech advice tour. The reason behind this is due to their more than 6.5 million monthly visitors. The website constantly looks for the newest gadgets, service features, and web app updates.

You will be able to get a head start on your tech info simply by visiting this website and taking a look at the new gadgets they have reviewed. Check out their list of “The next Web First,” in order to know what the next big thing is coming up.

Ars Technica

This site is first on our list simply due to its inception date. It has been around for the last 2 decades and features a substantial amount of information. It is now owned by Conde Nast, which runs numerous magazines and websites. 

The site features information such as editorials, news, business, security, legal, and other consumer interests.  


This site is lovable because it is based on the wildly popular magazine of the same name. It was created from the Wired Magazine in 1990 and was bought by the Conde Nast Publishing firm.

Their publications feature the popular culture surrounding technology. They feature opinions, entertainment news, business news, and security news in regards to all kinds of electronics. 

Additionally, if you are interested in the old-school ink and paper experience, you can find a copy of Wired on your local newsstands.

Discover the Top Sites for Tech Advice
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Keeping yourself updated on all things technology can help you get the best WiFi, get the best phone, buy the best tech stocks, and more.

These days technology makes the world go round, and if you can't keep up you will be left behind in your business and personal world.