Lois Nadean Smith – December 2, 2001

Jail sentence is frequently insufficient to deter criminal behavior. Therefore, there needed to be a higher price implemented for actions that were totally unacceptable for the cold-blooded assassins that lived among us. The death penalty thereafter became applicable.

These 17 women were given the death penalty for the crimes they committed, despite the fact that cold-blooded actions are typically associated with men. Continue reading to learn more about their heinous actions.


Lois Nadean Smith – December 2, 2001

After killing Cindy Baillie, her son’s ex-girlfriend, Lois Smith received a death sentence. Cindy Ballie was picked up by Lois Smith and her son the morning before she was slain. It was allegedly done to address the issue that Cindy Ballie had been spreading rumors about wanting Greg killed.


Although Lois’s defenders claimed that she took the necessary precautions to safeguard her son, they also noted that she was under the influence of alcohol and narcotics at the time of the murder. Despite her attorney’s persuasive argument, she received the death punishment for the murder.


Aileen Wuornos – October 9, 2002

Serial killer Aileen Wuornos was found guilty and was given a total of six death sentences. She claimed to have murdered seven men who had reportedly sexually assaulted her while she was working as a sex worker. She took the law into her own hands in each of these three instances rather than involving the legal system.


There was an entire movie made about Aileen Wuornos and the story of her life. In 2003, the movie Monster, starring Charlize Theron outlines her entire life story, including the murders and her four-year-long relationship with Tyria Moore.


Velma Barfield – November 2, 1984

Living in North Carolina, Velma Barfield dated Stuart Taylor, a widower. Unfortunately, Velma had significant addictions and began writing fake cheques in Taylor’s name to fund them. She began to worry that he could be developing suspicions, so she added little amounts of rat poison made of arsenic to both his beer and tea. He became very unwell as a result, necessitating hospit


He passed away just a few short days after entering the hospital. However, the postmortem results indicated that he had died from arsenic poisoning, thus Velma was not completely exonerated. She was detained and found guilty of killing him. In the courtroom, she exhibited little emotion, even clapping when the District Attorney finished her closing remarks. On November 2, 1984, she took her last breath after receiving a death sentence.

Judy Buenoano – March 30, 1998

Judy Buenoano received the death penalty for a variety of reasons. However, the primary cause was her murder of James Goodyear in 1971. She was being held responsible for her additional actions as well, such as numerous instances of insurance fraud.


Some of these even involved arson, which ultimately resulted in its own charge. Judy Buenoano received the death penalty for all of this. Because of the numerous crimes she committed over the years, she became known as Florida’s Black Widow.

Betty Lou Beets – February 24, 2000

Betty Beets was given the death penalty for murdering Jimmy Don Beets, her own husband. She reported her husband missing to the police on August 6th, 1983, but it was her own family who would bring her to prison. Robert Branson, her son, had been informed that she meant to kill her husband and asked him to leave the house. Just two hours after he left work, he returned home to find his father dead on the floor with two gunshot wounds to the chest.


Then, by interring his father in a small grave in the front yard, he assisted his mother in hiding the murder. After putting in a lot of effort, Betty called the police to report her husband missing. The truth didn’t come out until much later in the trial, when the son finally admitted everything and permanently sealed his mother’s fate.

Marilyn Plantz – May 1, 2001

Marilyn Plantz tried to kill her husband in order to receive a $300,000 insurance claim. She didn’t want to do it herself though. Instead, she hired William McKimble, a friend of her teenage boyfriend Clifford Bryson, to help her with the task. The two adolescent lads ambushed Plantz’s spouse as he arrived home from work, beating him to death while Plantz and the kids were fast sleeping.


Plantz then awoke and instructed the lads to “burn him” in an effort to obliterate the proof. To make sure no one was nearby, the lads took her spouse and his pickup truck to that location. The vehicle and its body were soaked in gasoline before being set ablaze. While Bryson and Plantz were given the death penalty for her husband’s murder, McKimble stepped forward and entered a guilty plea in exchange for life in prison.

Teresa Lewis – September 23, 2010

For planning the murder of her husband and stepson in order to obtain insurance money, Teresa Lewis received the death penalty. To kill them, she recruited hitmen Matthew Shallenberger and Rodney Fuller.


The trials led to the hitmen serving life in prison, while Teresa Lewis got the death penalty for being the mastermind behind the operation. Although when the case was reassessed at a later stage, it was thought that she more than likely was coerced into the situation by the gunmen because of her low IQ and dependency disorder.

Suzanne Basso – February 5, 2014

Buddy Masso, her mentally challenged partner, was tortured and killed by Suzanne Basso, who was found guilty of murder and given the death penalty. The two started a long-distance relationship after meeting at a church market close to his home in New Jersey.


Buddy eventually quit his work as a supermarket packer and moved in with Suzanne to be nearer to her. She put her plan to torture and kill him in motion at that point in order to obtain the available insurance money. She was given the death penalty for this. A harsh deed received a justly cruel response.

Kelly Gissendaner – September 30, 2015

When Kelly Gissendaner persuaded her lover to murder her husband, she was given the death penalty. In return for a life sentence, her partner admitted responsibility and gave false testimony against her. Her kids begged the judge for mercy on their behalf, stating they had already forgiven her and didn’t want to lose another parent.


A few prisoners who were housed with Gissendaner claimed that she acted as an example and a beacon of hope for them. Pope Francis, a former deputy director of the state corrections department, and a former chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court were among the famous people who pleaded for her pardon. Kelly Gissendaner was executed in 2015 despite the fact that many people wanted her to be released from the death row.

Lisa Montgomery – January 13, 2021

As far as crimes go, they don’t get much crazier than this one. Lisa Montgomery was sentenced to death after kidnapping Bobbie Jo Stinnett and taking her unborn child. Why she could not wait until the child was born to adopt her is unfathomable. The perpetrator then took the baby with her to Kansas, claiming that it was her own.


She was the third woman to be placed on federal death row when she received a death sentence from the government in 2008. Before being put to death in the early months of 2021, she spent 13 years on death row. This has got to be one of the craziest reasons for murder, if there are any. She probably wouldn’t have made a decent mother, which is probably for the best.

Lisa Coleman – September 17, 2014

When the partner’s kid, who resided with them, starved to death at the age of nine, Lisa Coleman was given the death penalty. It is unknown if the son was locked up and unable to eat or was purposefully never given food, but their hands are undoubtedly stained with his blood.


When the partner’s kid, who resided with them, starved to death at the age of nine, Lisa Coleman was given the death penalty. It is unknown if the son was locked up and unable to eat or was purposefully never given food, but their hands are undoubtedly stained with his blood.