Cydia Impactor Error – Fix All Errors in 2 Minutes [100% Working]

How to fix Cydia Impactor Errors? Cydia Impactor is probably the most useful tool developed by Jay Freeman, for iOS devices. As you may already know, Apple does not allow users to install unofficial or third-party Apps on any of their smartphones. The restrictive behavior of iOS forces users to download and install apps only from the App Store which is quite frustrating. A tool named Cydia Impactor showed up on the web in order to counter this problem, especially on iOS devices.

The tool Cydia Impactor is available for free on the web for users to jailbreak their iOS devices. The tool has become very essential nowadays for installing the freemium Apps which aren’t present in the App Store.


Well, recently we’ve been hearing a lot of Cydia users have started facing errors while performing any action using the Cydia Impactor tool. Cydia impactor error 173 is one of the most common error among the Cydia impactor users. Today in this post I will share all possible fix to solve these Cydia Impactor Errors including error 173, 42, 81, 168 and many more. I have listed more than 15 Cydia Impactor Error with a working solution. So If you’re also struggling with the same Cydia Impactor Error, then stick to the article.

How Cydia Impactor Works?

cydia impactor error

Have you ever wondered about the working mechanism of Cydia Impactor and how it allows anyone to install unofficial Apps so easily? It’s quite simple when you install an App or Game from App Store, it requires App Certifies signed in order to function on your device properly.


Now as soon as Apple detects the installation of unofficial Apps or Games, it will instantly revoke the App certifications, making it completely unusable on your device. As a result, the unofficial App you’ve installed will become totally useless, simply occupying the storage space.

Here’s where Cydia Impactor does its job, the tool will make use of your Apple ID and the IPA file of Apps to sign the App certificate and sideload it on your device. Once the sideload is successful, you will be able to run the App or Game on your iOS device without any restrictions.

Apart from that, Cydia Impactor also provides several tweaks that will help you in customizing the device as per your need to enhance your experience.


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What Is Cydia Impactor Errors?

cydia impactor error 173

If you’re an avid user of Cydia Impactor tool, then chances are, you might have come across errors such as installation.cpp 42 error, provision cpp 81 or installation.cpp:51 error or something similar. As a result, you will be restricted from using specific elements in the tool. In case, if you’re wondering why such errors exist in the first place, even when you’ve set up the tool properly.

Well, such errors tend to pop up whenever there’s a difference between the computed value and actually generate value. In rare cases, you may even need to re-setup everything from scratch in order to revert the corrupted value.

You may not be aware of it, but there are actually ways to rectify such errors by performing a few tweaks and changes here and there. In this article, we’ve covered all such Cydia Impactor errors with guides on how to overcome them. Go ahead and perform the steps mentioned in the respective error sections.

How To Fix Cydia Impactor Errors?

We’ve attached solutions for almost all the errors we have come across, find the error you’re facing from the list below and its solution to get resolve the error.

1. Fix for Installation.cpp:42 error

cydia impactor error 42

It is possible for this error to show up when you’re dragging the IPA files into the Cydia Impactor tool directly from its source location. To fix the error, make sure to extract the installation file on your Desktop, then drag and drop it over the tool. You may also try using any VPN apps to change your region before installing the App using the Cydia Impactor tool.

In case, if it doesn’t work then the only option left to resolve the error is by following the below steps.

  • Open the given link from your Safari browser.
  • Enter unc0ver -new beta in the search bar to find the relevant apps.
  • Select the App from the results and click on the “Get” option to install the App.
  • You may also need to disable “System Reload” setting to proceed further.
  • Re-install the Cydia tool and try to jailbreak.

You may see a failure message on your screen, attempt multiple times to succeed.

2. Fix for Lockdown.cpp:57 error

It’s a common error that many of you might face while using the Cydia Impactor for the first time. Perform the below steps to rectify the error

  • Re-sign your Apple ID by installing the latest versions of iTunes App on your iOS devices.
  • Completely close the Cydia Impactor tool and also disable “Wifi” or internet connectivity on your iOS device, then open the Cydia tool to perform the action.

Make sure you’ve installed all the necessary files of Impactor tool, otherwise, the error might show up again.

3. Fix for Installation.cpp:51 error

Things like unsupported or outdated IPA files are more than likely to cause such issues. To fix the error, make sure the IPA file you’re trying to install is downloaded from a trusted source.

You may also need to update the iOS version of your device in case if it’s not updated already. The error itself isn’t complicated, however, be careful when you’re downloading the IPA files from unknown sources.

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4. Fix for RunTime Error on Cydia Impactor

RunTime Error on Cydia Impactor

If you’re facing this error, then you’re probably using Windows OS on your PC. Although the Windows OS itself will automatically install the latest drivers through updates, in some cases, you may need to install certain drivers manually.

  • Go to the official site of Microsoft and download the latest version of Visual C++ Redistribution on your PC, then try to run the Cydia Impactor tool.

Your PC would require a reboot after successful installation of Visual C++ driver.

5. Fix for Provision.cpp:62 Error

You need to disable the “Search for iPhone” feature by going into your iCloud App before installing the IPA files to avoid facing this error.

  • Go to iCloud App on your iOS device.
  • Settings> Turn OFF “Search for iPhone” feature.
  • Close the iCloud and try to re-open the Cydia Impactor tool.

Now you may continue to install the IPA files using the Impactor tool. In case, if the installation fails again, then keep trying again a few times to get through.

6. Fix for Provision.cpp:81 Error

Provision.cpp:81 Error

This error is likely to appear because of the pending certificates of the App you’re trying to install. In order to resolve the issue, follow the below steps.

  • Launch the Cydia Impactor and Go to “Xcode” Tab.
  • Select the option “Revoke Certificates“.
  • Provide your Apple ID credits to revoke the certificates.

Re-open the Cydia Impactor tool on your PC, now you can do whatever you want without the issue.

7. Fix for “Provision.cpp:80 Error

Once again follow the below steps in the Cydia Impactor Tool.

  • Navigate to “Xcode” Tab in the Cydia Impactor tool.
  • Revoke Certificates for entering your Apple ID and password.

Now try to install the Apps again using the Impactor tool on your iOS device.

8. Fix for Provision.cpp:71 Error

Provision.cpp:71 Error

This error usually occurs when an older version of the App is already installed on your iOS device. You need to remove the older versions before installing the .iPA file using the Impactor tool.

Also, it could be because the app you’re trying to install already exists on your IOS device with a different name. Ensure no such Apps are available on your device.

9. Fix for Provision.cpp:159 Error

As stated earlier, it’s important to download the files from reliable sources. This is a classic error that occurs if you’re using an outdated version of Cydia Impactor tool.

Update your Impactor tool to the latest version and re-enter your Apple ID credentials before installing the IPA files on your iOS device.

10. Fix for Provision.cpp:158 Error

Provision.cpp:158 Error

Error 158 occurs if you don’t “Trust” the Application which you have dropped onto the Impactor tool. To fix the issue, perform these steps on your iOS device.

  • Select the IPA file that you would like to install.
  • Drag and Drop it in the Cydia Impactor Tool.
  • Immediately Open Settings-> General -> Device Management.
  • Select the App you have installed and “Trust” it.

11. Fix for Cydia impactor provision CPP 173

Cydia impactor provision CPP 173

To resolve Cydia impactor error 173, you may need to perform multiple things from the list below

App-Specific Password Required

Certain Apps or Games requires App-specific password in order to sideload them on your device. Use any browser to perform the below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings->Generate App-Specific Password from the website.
  • Enter the generated password in the Cydia Impactor tool while installing the iPA file.

Create New Apple ID

It’s noted in some cases that creating a New Apple ID has helped in fixing this error. Go ahead and create a new Apple ID, enter the newly created ID credentials in the Impactor tool whenever asked.

This may not work for all the users, but it’s definitely worth trying out.

Disable “Two Father Authentication”

If you have the “Two Father Authentication” enabled, then you need to disable it whenever you want to install the Cydia Impactor Tool.

Make sure to enter your Apple ID credentials in the tool only after disabling the “Two Factor Authentication”.

Fix Cydia Impactor error provision.cpp:173 (Video Tutorial)

12. Fix for http-win, cpp:line 182 Error

Use the below steps to change the SSL settings of the Cydia Impactor tool you’re using on your PC.

  • Launch the Cydia Impactor Tool-> Open the “Impactor” tool.
  • Select the option “Insecure SSl” and wait for a few seconds.

The above setting will resolve the issues related to SSL, and will help you in getting rid of the above error.

13. Fix for Provision.cpp:698 Error

You may have noticed this error popping up multiple times during the installation of IPA files on your iOS device. It could be because of an interruption occurring during the file transfer.

Make sure that your iOS device is properly connected to the PC and it is detected by the Impactor Tool. Consider changing the USB cable if the tool is unable to detect the device properly.

You may also reboot your iOS device and reinstalling the latest version of iTunes before connecting to your PC using the cable.

14. Fix for Zip.Cpp:311 Error

The IPA files you have downloaded on your PC are corrupted, the zip error occurs only when a corrupted file loaded in the Impactor tool. Ensure the IPA files are working and have been downloaded from reliable sources only.

15. Fix for Zip.Cpp:577 error

Usually, iPA files are packed into Zip files before the user is allowed to download them. So, make sure that the file you have downloaded is in compressed format. In certain cases, the user may have renamed the file, thus editing the format of the file unknowingly.

Ensure the downloaded files are in Zipped format before loading them in the Impactor tool.

Final Words

So far we’ve noticed only the above-mentioned error in the Cydia Impactor Tool. The steps to resolve these Cydia Impactor errors are also provided in detailed. In case, if a particular error persists, then try to perform the solution provided multiple times to get rid of the error. You may use the comment section to reach out to us if you have any issues or queries.