19+ Genius Shopping Hacks To Help You Get Great Deals


If you enjoy shopping, or even if you just do it occasionally out of necessity, you can appreciate the value of finding excellent bargains. The way we purchase has changed more quickly than most people expected as a result of recent events, and the majority of new internet customers were left clueless about where to go for offers. How do you ensure that you are making the most of your money then?


Everything from advice on how to save hundreds on a new laptop to how to finally make the most of your time on social media. You can use these tips to find your way around the maze of online shopping sales and in-person promotions.

1. Compare Prices Online Before Checking Out

Purpose: To Make Sure You’re Receiving The Lowest Price
Est. Savings: $5-$10/Item*

Nowadays, ordering something online is as easy as clicking a few buttons and waiting a few days for the package to arrive at your door. Since placing an order online is so simple, many customers have unintentionally swapped seeking the best discounts for completing an order as quickly as possible.


Compare Prices Online Before Checking Out ©Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock.com

Don’t be one of those folks that favors affordability over convenience. To be sure you’re not paying more than necessary, take a few additional minutes before checking out to browse price comparison websites like Shopzilla.

2. Follow Influencers on Social Media

Purpose: To Benefit From The Time You Spend On Social Media
Est. Savings: 5%+*


Influencers on social media are known by their titles for a reason. Simply put, what they say affects the decisions of their followers. Meaning that there is a good likelihood that the retailer will experience an increase in visits and perhaps sales if they mention their name. To further lure their following, the aforementioned influencers are typically provided with discount vouchers.

Follow Influencers on Social Media ©Antlii/Shutterstock.com

To receive these discounts, all you need to do is follow well-known influencers who share your interests. Look through their daily feed for any postings that include codewords or discount numbers with the hashtag of what you’re looking for.

3. Reach Out Via Twitter

Purpose: Last Ditch Effort
Est. Savings: Varies

It is impossible to dispute the global impact of social media. There is someone online who will have the solution for you, no matter what you’re seeking for or what you’d like to know. This involves being aware of sales and discounts when shopping.

Reach Out Via Twitter ©XanderSt/Shutterstock.com

Twitter, which has more than 300 million active users, is typically a terrific location to quickly find the answers you’re looking for. Look to Reddit, which contains discussion boards for everything, if everything else fails. Don’t forget to thank people who have assisted by leaving messages for them. Just good karma, really.

4. Always Check Amazon First

Purpose: To Make The Most Out Of The Marketplace
Est. Savings: $5-$10/Item*

Any retailer that hasn’t switched to online sales by this point is far behind the pack. The fact that a business sells its goods online does not, however, guarantee that the price it advertises is the lowest available. Before pressing the “submit” button on any online orders, check Amazon for extra low prices and savings.

Always Check Amazon First ©Casimiro PT/Shutterstock.com

There’s a reason why many people think of Amazon as their one-stop shop for all of their needs. More than two million businesses from around the world have agreements with the online marketplace to offer their goods on the platform of the e-commerce behemoth. There’s a good probability Amazon will have a lower pricing if one can be found.

5. Check for Cashback Opportunities

Purpose: Receive Cashback To Spend On Your Next Purchase
Est. Savings: 1%-%5*

You should constantly look to determine which accessible credit card has the most benefits for your specific needs before applying for a new credit card. People who travel frequently tend to gravitate toward credit cards that provide them points for flights. Numerous credit cards that are intended for frequent shopping as opposed to only frequent flyers are not widely known.

Check for Cashback Opportunities ©Rido/Shutterstock.com

Customers can receive between 1% and 5% cash back on purchases made at a number of well-known stores, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon, when using a number of Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards with a cashback option. Be on the lookout for programs that provide you more cashback throughout particular months.

6. Buy Gift Cards to Your Favorite Retailers on Discount

Purpose: Pay Less Than Face Value
Est. Savings: 1%+*

You may have looked online for discounts in the form of coupon codes and seasonal deals if you have a habit of purchasing a new pair of running shoes every six months. Customers are finding their most unlikely savings, though, in gift cards.

Buy Gift Cards to Your Favorite Retailers on Discount ©Sorbis/Shutterstock.com

Customers who join retailers like Target can save more than 5% on store goods. All gift cards are eligible for the discount as well. For members, a $100 gift card will cost just $95. Another option is to look at Raise, one of several websites providing discounted gift cards with discounts starting at 1%.

7. Use Filler Items to Get Free Shipping

Purpose: To Not Pay For Shipping
Est. Savings: $10+*

Have you just spent the better part of an hour searching online for the ideal birthday present for a loved one only to discover you’re still below the minimum for free shipping? It’s not just you. Every day, millions of more customers face the same conundrum, and the majority of them give up and pay the delivery charge. Don’t join their ranks.

Use Filler Items to Get Free Shipping ©RSplaneta/Shutterstock.com

If shipping is going to cost you an extra $5–$10, you might as well treat yourself to something modest that will someday be useful. Keeping an additional set of batteries or lights on hand is never a bad idea.

8. Skip the Middle Shelf in Stores

Purpose: Avoid The Corporate Trap
Est. Savings: 15%-30%*

The most famous brands are typically positioned on the store’s most accessible shelves. The more well-known brand names are prominently displayed and located at the ends of each aisle for a reason. Businesses spend money to position their goods for maximum sales.

Skip the Middle Shelf in Stores ©Prostock-studio/Shutterstock.com

Pay close attention to the top and bottom shelves or the back of the store to avoid falling into the corporate product trap. The shelves at Target are packed with inexpensive goods. All you need to do is know where to look. That’s somewhere other than immediately in front of you in this situation.

9. Use the Rakuten Cash Back Button

Purpose: Receive Cashback
Est. Savings: Unknown

One of the criticisms made by online customers is that they lose out on a number of the discounts they would have gotten in-store. You might wonder why that is, and there is a straightforward explanation. Online shopping is all about expediency, but returning an item for a refund is anything from simple.

Use the Rakuten Cash Back Button @r/Aliexpress/Reddit.com

10. Sign Up for Some Local Freecycle Groups

Purpose: Free Stuff Is Always Better
Est. Savings: $100+*

Anyone who is old enough to remember the old neighborhood swaps will no likely remember the thrill of making a trade and the adrenaline that comes from realizing you didn’t have to spend any money to acquire what you wanted. All you had to do was part with something you no longer use and would have most likely thrown away.

Sign Op Some Local Freecycle Groups ©suriya yapin/Shutterstock.com

The online equivalent of neighborhood swaps is Freecycle. Join the Freecycle community that best suits your needs, then publish the items you no longer need for other people to claim. It’s not a one-way street, though. It has a cycle. You make a decision based on what you want. Items as sought-after as the previous generation iPhones and iPads have reportedly been obtained by some users.

11. Time Your Purchases

Purpose: Buy Products At Lower Prices
Est. Savings: 10%+*

The purchase of a new smartphone or television is meant to be a happy occasion for consumers. But as timing is important when it comes to shopping, their joy won’t last long if they discover that, had they waited a few weeks, they could have purchased the same item for less money.

Time Your Purchases ©Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com

If your current clothing or electronics are still in excellent enough shape to last you through the upcoming holiday season, you should always put off purchasing new items. Black Friday and Boxing Day are important shopping days for a reason—everything is typically discounted by 30% to 75%.

12. Find The Outlet Stores

Purpose: Pay Less To Get More
Est. Savings: Up To 80%*

Shopping malls have produced wonderfully memorable moments for teenagers all around the world, from long days spent window shopping with pals to hanging out in the food court till the lights go out. However, for individuals who go shopping to actually shop rather than just “hang about,” outlet stores are the place to go.

Find The Outlet Stores ©zhu difeng/Shutterstock.com

Outlet clothes stores are the wholesale equivalent of the smaller retail sites, however they are more remote than traditional malls. Outlet stores have just as many things in stock as traditional retail stores do. The large discounts on the costs are also helpful.

13. Download Honey’s Money-saving Browser Extension

Purpose: To Spend As Little As Possible
Est. Savings: Unlimited

There has never been a simpler time to go shopping for necessities. There are countless shops to browse, and you can do it from the convenience of your home for the majority of them. The capacity to persuade a store clerk to give you a better deal is what gets lost in translation. You no longer have to accept the price the website offers while shopping online.

Download Honey's Money-saving Browser Extension ©13_Phunkod / Shutterstock.com | /i.insider.com

That’s no longer the case, thanks to browser extensions like Honey. This addon looks up the best offers online for your order. You can save money by using this addon, which is owned by PayPal. You save more money the more you shop.

14. Use a Rewards Credit Card

Purpose: Receive Cashback Rewards
Est. Savings: 1%-5%*

Companies that issue credit cards have been providing reward programs to cardholders for many years. Some awards provide cards access to flights on particular airlines, while others give them discounts at participating stores. But the real gem in all these discounts is the cashback program that the majority of credit card providers provide.

Use a Rewards Credit Card ©fizkes/Shutterstock.com

You can receive 1% to 5% cash back on purchases, depending on the credit card you use, in addition to earning air miles and receiving bonus points or a gift card when you sign up.

15. Sign up for Text Alerts from Your Favorite Retailers

Purpose: To Receive By The Minute Sale Updates
Est. Savings: $10-$25*

Receiving calls and messages from telemarketers is the absolute last thing anyone wants. With that considered, it makes perfect sense why shoppers are reluctant to provide retailers with their mobile phone numbers. Receiving communications today, however, comes with a lot more benefits than it did in the past.

Sign up for Text Alerts from Your Favorite Retailers @krazycouponlady/Pinterest.com

By providing your mobile phone to your favorite stores, you may start receiving SMS alerts about impending sales or, even better, hidden discount codes that can help you save a ton on your subsequent purchases. As long as you don’t mind occasionally receiving “spam” texts, signing up for text notifications is a terrific way to save money when shopping online.