This is the Real Story Behind Tiger Woods and His Ex Wife Relationship

Tiger Woods, a golfing sensation, has come under scrutiny recently for his numerous indiscretions. Elin Nordegren, who was his then-wife, presumably found it difficult. 2009 saw the scandal reach a global level as people criticized Woods and awaited Elin’s version of events.



News of their split was widely reported in the media. Numerous articles explaining the grounds for their breakup were published. Elin decided the moment was ripe to come clean with the public now that the incident has gone, Tiger Woods has moved on with a new woman in his life, and she is in a better position.

Becoming a Model

Elin’s collaboration with photographer Bingo Rimer was successful. It aided her in starting a modeling career, and she even modeled swimwear for a well-known Swedish magazine. Elin, though, thought that she was more than just a model. She wanted to work as a child psychologist. She would eventually give up modeling to work numerous side jobs to pay for her return to school.



Her ambitions, however, were once again altered once she relocated to Stockholm and met a woman who was looking for a nanny. This woman revealed out to be Jesper Parnevik’s wife, a well-known American golfer. Elin was not the type of person to pass up an opportunity. She therefore left her job and family in Sweden and dropped out of college.

A Luxurious Life

Elin encountered her own scandal in 2006 and experienced the pain and effort of receiving widespread attention and popularity. Provocative images of a woman, who they claimed to be her, were published by a magazine in Ireland. The magazine’s claims were unsupported by any evidence. Elin also denied all suggestions that the woman in the pictures was actually her.

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When it came to the controversial images, Elin was more knowledgeable than others. She was now moving toward clearing her identity and refuting the notions put forth by the magazine. They finally tracked down the photos’ sources after speaking with lawyers and learned they were images of a former Playboy model. The couple then sued the Irish publication armed with their evidence. The magazine was ordered by the court to publicly apologize and to compensate Elin close to $200,000.

Tiger Becomes a Dad

Elin and Tiger gave priority to their family life after putting an end to all unfavorable reports. Sam Alexis Woods, the couple’s kid, was born to Elin in 2007.


The couple then welcomed a baby called Charlie Axel Woods after waiting two years. They appeared to be a perfect nuclear family made up of a mother, father, son, and daughter.

Money Keeps Secrets from Spilling Out

Rachel Uchitel planned to come clean and provide her side of the story as soon as the incident made the headlines. But she abandoned the entire plan a day before her scheduled media appearance.


In the end, it came out that Tiger had offered Rachel $10,000 so she wouldn’t say anything. He conveniently neglected to do the same for the other 120 affairs he admitted to having, which was unfortunate for him. Later, more than 15 women came forward and said they had slept with the golfing icon for cash.

A Private Hearing

The public was still unable to access the divorce proceedings. The judge forbade the media from entering. For Elin, who wanted to keep things quiet, this was a good thing. However, Tiger Woods most certainly paid for the promise of quiet. Some believe he asked the parties concerned to keep things secret. Additionally, it worked for a time.

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In fact, only interested parties were permitted entry to the hearing. That, of course, didn’t stop people from speculating. Tiger or Elin would be granted sole custody of the children? In the end, Elin did not refuse Tiger’s request for joint custody. He really was a lousy husband. But perhaps he wasn’t a lousy father after all. We’d like to assume Elin shared our sentiments.

She and Tiger Still Talk

I’m so ashamed that I never guessed, Elin had stated after the awful revelation. It’s difficult to believe you have this life and then suddenly wonder whether it was all a deception, she continued. Elin is capable of letting the past go, despite everything that transpired between them. She does not want their children to endure more suffering. When they run into each other, she is still cordial and talks to Tiger.


Tiger, in Elin’s opinion, is still a wonderful father to their children. She did, however, have a crucial limitation. Tiger is unable to let any of his girlfriends and his kids to interact. A minimum of not till he marries one of them.

Tiger Finds New Love

Erica Herman, his newest steady, is the new love Tiger has found. In accordance with Elin’s demands, Erica is not permitted to meet the kids until after she and Tiger get married. Some believe Erica received a raw deal. In part, it’s impossible to predict how well Tiger’s children and girlfriend will get along until they actually meet. However, other people think Elin acted instinctively to protect her children.

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If there’s one thing to be said about what happened, it’s that Elin perhaps knew her ex-husband too well. Just a few months before, Tiger found love in Kristin Smith, who worked as a stylist. The public was abuzz with this new development back then. They followed closely as photos of the two on a boat made the headlines. But then, they would once again find him arm-in-arm with Erica after a few months.

The Beginning of a New Life

Despite how challenging life was, Elin was determined to go past her personal trauma. With her children, it was the start of a brand-new existence. She rebuilt her family in a new home using the $100 million she had. But this wasn’t any old house. She discovered an old mansion near the shore and had it completely renovated. Being a prudent woman, she contributed to charitable organizations any items she could rescue from the location.


Elin spent $12 million on her new living quarters. When you consider the money she received from the divorce, this was a simple task to acquire. The home had a total of six bedrooms. Additionally, it took up 9,000 square feet of space. A private beach and a whopping 8 bathrooms were also included! The distance between the entire area and Tiger’s home was only a few kilometres. As a result, Tiger had easy access to their children. Elin sensed that something was still lacking. She then took action to correct that.

That Which They Treasure

When all is said and done, Elin and Tiger have both overcome their own setbacks. But they managed to survive and rebuild their lives. Even so, they were able to make amends and rekindle their friendship. They owe that to their son and daughter, two things they hold dear. Elin and Tiger managed to make their relationship work by always having their best interests in mind.


Tiger once answered a question regarding how the two of them keep their friendship going. This time, he took further precautions to avoid any miscommunications: “It becomes two basic things, OK? Sam and Charlie are with us. And since we adore them so much, we will do whatever it takes to make that happen. That is how it occurred. Tiger was questioned on a recent edition of Stephen Colbert’s show about how things were between him, Elin, and their kids. They were “best buddies,” he insisted. Who knows? It might be a little challenging for the rest of us. They appear to have no issues with it.

Living the American Dream

Elin had a clear understanding of what it meant to relocate. She would have to say goodbye to her lover and family for a very long time. She was nevertheless excited to begin her life in America.


Sadly, the distance would break Elin and her then-boyfriend’s relationship apart. She was now single—but not for long. The Parneviks would soon introduce her to a friend. This would turn out to be golf superstar Tiger Woods.

A Dream Wedding

They got married in a way that most people only imagine. It was more like a one-week wedding celebration than a wedding day. Together with their friends and family, the two romantics traveled all the way to the Caribbean island of Barbados. Tiger spent $2 million to reserve a whole hotel to house all of their visitors.

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Tiger pulled out all stops to make their wedding a once-in-a-century affair. Having the whole Sandy Lane Resort reserved was just the first step. He also had 500 roses brought in by plane. Security for the wedding was air-tight and Tiger made sure that no wedding photos will be released to the public. Not even unofficial ones that were taken by the paparazzi.

The Second Mistress

The following woman to identify herself as Tiger’s mistress is Jaimee Grubs. They had been secretly meeting for more than two years. She was a Total Academy contestant in the past and worked as a cocktail server.


Jaimee asserts that she was unaware that Tiger was wed. We do not find her assertion to be convincing given how well-known Tiger is. Jamiee made a voicemail from Tiger public to demonstrate their bond.

Yet Another Mistress

We have another Jamie right here. It’s Jamie Jungers who is in doubt. She was a lingerie model in Las Vegas. She spoke to the media and even claimed that she had used some of Tiger’s funds for her liposuction.


For nearly a year and three months, according to Jamie, she and Tiger were close. She then gained attention once more after being arrested in California for drunk driving.

And Another…

Theresa Rogers, one of Tiger’s numerous women and a self-described “cougar,” is up next. She is the eleventh person to publicly admit to having affairs.


That’s not all, though. She even asserted that Tiger was the father of her child. It is said that their relationship lasted for five years. According to reports, they were dating even before Tiger married Elin.

Elin Finally Tells Her Story

The media was only too happy to portray Elin as the villain after the golf club incident made headlines. She was forced to explain the plot on-screen as a result. Tiger left that evening following their disagreement. Elin eventually heard a loud noise coming from outside. She observed her hubby having a mishap. Elin actually assisted Tiger by smashing the car’s glass with the golf club.

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Elin clarified the situation by giving her side of the tale. Without first putting her reputation in order, she didn’t want to return to her tranquil existence. However, some of Tiger’s more fervent supporters believed her account to be unbelievable. After all, if she wanted to prevent the disaster and save him, why use golf clubs? They were far more convinced by the media’s account.