Funny Girl: Everything You (Probably) Wanted To Know About Star Comedian Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is well-known for her work as an actor, comedian, and feminist. Her stand-up routines took off after getting her first big break on Last Comic Standing, and she has since acted in a number of movies and even has her own show, Inside Amy Schumer.



Whether you adore her or simply don’t understand her, she has led a life that is really fascinating. Here are 35 things you probably didn’t know about the comedian.

She Was Born To Do It

On June 1st, 1981, in New York’s Upper East Side, Amy Beth Schumer was born. The infant furniture business was owned by Sandra Jane and Gordon David Schumer, her parents. She had a very comfortable upbringing until her father’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis caused her parent’s business to go bankrupt.

5the separation of her parents. She has two siblings: Kim, a sister who writes comedies, and Jason, a brother who plays music. The arts and talent definitely run in the family!


She Was No Teacher’s Pet

Amy Schumer won the titles of “Class Clown” and “Teacher’s Worst Nightmare” during her final year at South Side High School on Long Island in 1999. After graduating from Hebrew school in Rockville Centre, she also went to a reform synagogue.


The first award is fairly self-explanatory, but Schumer elaborates on the second in her book: “If it was a class that I struggled [in] or felt wasn’t, you know, like business law, I recall, those are the classes I would act out in.”


Amy’s Favorite Comedians

Amy Schumer, who is still relatively new to comedy, undoubtedly has other comics she admires and who have influenced her throughout the years. Big stars like Judy Gold, Jessica Kirson, Margaret Cho, Sarah Silverman, and Ellen DeGeneres are among her favorite acts.

6She is also a massive fan of Jerry Seinfeld and even got to work alongside him when he asked her to make a guest appearance on his web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee back in 2014. Since her appearance, the two have worked together several more times, and have even gone on family holidays together.

Amy’s Twitter Following Is Insane

Amy Schumer’s Twitter account has a massive following of 4.4 million followers! She regularly jumps online to share with her millions of fans upcoming comedy tour dates, and also just random pictures from her life.


She has a reputation for being totally honest with her followers. She is hilarious and frequently brutally honest. However, she also makes good use of her position and is a strong supporter of feminism, talking rape culture, voter ID legislation, gun control, and body acceptance.

The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo

2016 saw the publication of Schumer’s autobiography, The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. The comic’s thorough notebooks, which he kept between the ages of 13 and 23, served as the basis for the book.


Schumer defines her comedy in the book as “unrepentant and unafraid. For example, you may find yourself having sex without a condom with someone you probably shouldn’t. I’m eager to openly share that aspect of me in the hopes of making others feel better.”

Her Jewish Heritage

Amy Schumer was brought up in the Jewish faith and claims to have dealt with antisemitism when she was a child. Her father, Gordon Schumer was born into a Jewish family from Ukraine. Schumer attended Hebrew school and had a Bat Mitzvah celebration.


Her mother Sandra Schumer, who came from a Protestant family and was raised in New England, decided to convert to Judaism when her parents first got together and later made the decision to get married. Schumer learned that her ancestors were taken prisoner at Groton, Massachusetts, and transported to Montreal, Canada, back in 1704, on an episode of Finding Your Roots in 2017.

Schumer Is An Award Winner

In the course of her rather brief career, Amy Schumer has received numerous nominations. She has garnered over 35 nominations in total, including a Primetime Emmy Award in 2014 for Inside Amy Schumer’s Outstanding Variety Sketch Series and for Amy Schumer: Growing’s Outstanding Variety Sketch Series in 2019.


Her success doesn’t stop there, however, and it seems that the industry has really begun appreciating her talent, as she also received the award for Elle magazine’s Woman of the Year in 2015, and a Hollywood Film Award that same year for Comedy of the Year for Trainwreck. 

Not Very Close To Her Mother

Sandra Schumer, Amy Schumer’s mother, and Amy Schumer do not get along well. She is quite close with her father, both of her siblings, and even more distant cousins, but she has never had a connection with her mother. Schumer made a list of all the ways she and her siblings thought their mother “emotionally suppressed or manipulated [them]” in Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo.


Her mother’s relationship with the father of Schumer’s best friend when she was a child may also be a contributing factor in their estrangement. The young Amy was undoubtedly traumatized by this, which served as one of the reasons for her parents’ divorce.

Her Family’s Many Hardships

Prior to her family experiencing a constant series of difficulties, Amy’s life was relatively stress-free. First, Gordon Schumer, her father, was told he had multiple sclerosis, which had an impact on his career and caused the company to fail. Her parents split up shortly after that.


Her father’s condition quickly deteriorated as a result of the family’s transfer from Manhattan to Long Island. The future comedian’s childhood was significantly impacted by this because the family suffered financially until she finished school. However, she has always had a close relationship with her sister Kim, who serves as both her producer and road manager.

The Education Of Amy Schumer

After completing his senior year at Long Island’s South Side High School, Schumer relocated to Baltimore, Maryland, where he enrolled at Towson University. In 2003, she received a theater degree. Later, she went back to New York to continue her education at William Esper Studio.


Schumer studied for two years at the performing arts college known as William Esper Studio. The Meisner’s method of acting, created by Sanford Meisner, is the focus of the school. Schumer worked as a waiter and a bartender there for several years.

The Inspiration For Trainwreck

In the 2015 romance comedy Trainwreck, Schumer both wrote and starred. The movie gained popularity right away. Bill Hader, Brie Larson, Colin Quin, John Cena, Tilda Swinton, Ezra Miller, and Vanessa Bayer were also featured in the Judd Apatow-directed film.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Schumer stated that she was “falling in love with a guy and scared out of [her] mind” at the time she was inspired to create the movie. The protagonist of the movie is a lady who wrecks relationships to, presumably, keep from getting hurt.

Her First Big Stand-Up Break

With her appearance in 2007’s Last Comic Standing, Schumer received her first significant exposure. In the fifth season of the NBC show, she made it to the finals and finished fourth. She had previously taped a Comedy Central comedy special in Gotham. Following that, in 2011 and 2016, respectively, Schumer released her debut comedy album Cutting and Live at the Apollo. After being asked to take part in The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, she increased her appeal to a wider audience. Then, in 2013, she produced Mostly Sex Stuff for Comedy Central.


Amy Schumer was shocked to see video of herself performing at the Gotham Comedy Club when she was just starting out as a stand-up comic. She came to the realization that she would need to take her career more seriously. In order to try and get better, she needed to watch all of the recordings of her performances, but Schumer didn’t have a TV at the time. She would then just go to Best Buy and watch herself on one of the many “free” TVs there. What a thrifty person!

She Is An Advocate For Stricter Gun Control

During a showing of Amy Schumer’s movie Trainwreck on July 23, 2015, a slightly insane gunman entered the Grand 16 theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, and started shooting. Nine individuals were hurt, and two people died.


Since the tragedy, Amy Schumer has become quite outspoken about her support for tighter gun laws in the US. She even joined forces with her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer, to advocate for more stringent gun laws and brought the matter to Capitol Hill.

She Was In An Abusive Relationship

The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo author Schumer talks about a romance with a man she exclusively refers to as “Dan” in her book. She claims that the relationship lasted for years and was abusive on both an emotional and physical level.


Writing candidly and freely about the abuser, Schumer goes into great detail on how he would often push her and say it was a mistake while laughing at her naked body in the shower. Fortunately, she was able to muster the strength to leave.

She’s Only Had One One-Night-Stand

Given the nature of the comedian’s humor in her stand-up routine and on her show Inside Amy Schumer, this might come as a bit of a shock to most people. She bases a good deal of her humour on her purportedly active sexual life.


Schumer claims that she has only ever had one one-night stand. She allegedly texted the guy to inform him that she intended to work as a magician’s assistant. When the texter inquired whether the magician would ultimately saw her in half, Schumer saucily retorted, “I was hoping you would.”