Free TV App – Learn How to Download this App from the Google Play Store

In the age where everything is mostly digital, people are using the internet for almost everything. We transact through online banking and we order food, cars, and groceries via online apps.

At this point, there is no telling which daily activity we do that does not involve the use of the internet. The same thing goes with watching television. Television has been a great source of entertainment for decades now.  


Now you can watch free TV from wherever you are. Free TV App is a free mobile application that gives you all your television needs without costing a dime. Find out more about what the app can do and how you can download it for free.

Free TV App - Learn How to Download this App from the Google Play Store
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Free TV Forever

Free TV App: TV Series is a mobile app that lets you watch different shows that you normally see on TV at no cost. Watch every episode of your favorite TV shows on your favorite US networks such as NBC, ABC, and Fox. 

Sports and News Channels

You can even switch to watching your favorite sports channel like ESPN or get updated with the news at CNN. You may also tune in to live news from all over the country to get information, especially about the pandemic.


The mobile app also lets you enjoy searching for music and videos on YouTube. All of which are licensed and are compliant with YouTube’s terms of service so there’s no need to worry about anything. 

You can get the latest news on entertainment including some of your favorite celebrities by tuning in to channels.

Children’s Channels

If you have kids at home, worry no more as you can always let them watch television using their mobile device through this app. 


Switch to channels featuring cartoons like Caillou and other educational TV shows that will help your child learn more especially during these times. 

History and Lifestyle Channels

Learn more about the history of the US through history channels and other informative shows such as talk shows and documentaries.

Those who want to expand their horizons to a different culture can also tune in to lifestyle channels and discover rich traditions. Explore rich content through world news and get updated on what is happening all over the world. 

How to Download

Downloading the Free TV App: TV Series is easy to do. Head over to the Google Play Store for Android device users and search for Free TV App. Wait until the app fully downloads before launching it on your mobile device.

Log in and search for your favorite channel or TV show and see if it is currently available. Sit back and enjoy watching your favorite series on your new Free TV App.

Free TV App - Learn How to Download this App from the Google Play Store
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New Ways to Enjoy TV

The best thing that comes with the Free TV App is convenience. With so many programs to choose from, you can pick different shows and features that you don’t normally get to see through traditional TV. 

This goes to show that moving towards a more digitized platform is key to making life easier when it comes to watching your favorite TV shows. Another great benefit you get is how easy it is to use and navigate. 

Normally, if you have a box, you would have to navigate through a series of menus just to get to the channel that you want and end up having that channel unavailable in your area. 

With the app, once you log in, you already have the option to pick the channel that you want right off the bat.

Cheap Alternative to Home Entertainment

Probably the best thing that comes with the app is affordability. The app is free to download and use. There is no need for you to pay extra dollars just to watch your shows from other networks that have a price barrier.

The app also removes your need to purchase several accessories and devices in your living room. No more unnecessary spending on expensive DVD players or dealing with which cable should go into which port. 

All you need to do with the app is to launch it, make sure you have the internet, and prepare some popcorn.


Now with the Free TV App, watching your favorite shows is easy as turning on your mobile phone. Get in touch with the world today and be updated with the help of this great app on your phone.

Please note that this app uses YouTube to provide you with free TV but it is a separate service from YouTube TV.