10+ of the Tallest Men in Hollywood

Being tall, dark, and attractive doesn’t hurt when you’re a famous actor in Hollywood, though it’s not actually a need. Many of the tallest males from popular films and television series are represented on this list. Some of them make use of their height to their advantage in their careers, while others just accept it as a given. We have the answers to your questions about The Rock’s height and whether Jason Momoa is taller than Jason Segel. Continue reading to discover more about these gifted men’s heights.

Chevy Chase (6 Feet 4 Inches)



The 77-year-old was well-known in the 1980s for his work in TV comedies; he made boomers and Gen Xers laugh out loud in films like Caddyshack, Nation Lampoon’s Vacation, and Fletch. Unfortunately, Chase’s struggle with prescription drug addiction hampered his Hollywood career in recent years.

Tom Selleck (6 Feet 4 Inches)

Although it is a stereotype, tall people are nevertheless frequently believed to be excellent basketball players, even though this is untrue. At least not in every instance. However, 6’4″ Tom Selleck’s preferred sport was collegiate basketball. Naturally, this was before to his career in Hollywood.



In every job he did, Selleck’s height appeared to just assist him steal the show. He was each of our favorite doctor on the Friends television show, as we all recall. Of course, he is well recognized for his part in Magnum P.I., and who can forget his performance in Three Men and a Baby?

Joel McHale (6 Feet 4 Inches)

You would have noticed that Community actor Joel McHale is noticeably taller than his co-stars if you had watched even one episode. The actor-comedian stands a height 6 feet 4 inches. In order to put things into perspective, keep in mind that his wife, Sarah Williams, is only 5 feet 6 inches tall.



When McHales stood next to the majority of his guests on The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, it was also quite clear how tall he was. Joel is an accomplished actor in Hollywood who has made countless TV and film appearances. He appeared in Ted, Will & Grace, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, and X-Files.

Dwayne Johnson (6 Feet 5 Inches)

Former professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson is one of the most well-known performers in Hollywood right now, in more ways than one. He is large, bald, and bear-like. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall, with larger-than-usual chest and arm muscles. His acting career has also really taken off. Despite his menacing appearance, we believe he would be a fun guy to hang out with given his amusing and friendly personalities.

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Johnson, also known by his ring name “The Rock,” has appeared in a few films as an actor. Jumanji, Baywatch, Journey 2, and other Fast & Furious films are among them. He often portrays huge, bad villains who are prepared to save the world, or at the very least the people around them, in some of his films. He did, however, exhibit a softer side when he acted in the adorable movie Tooth Fairy.

Ross Butler (6 Feet 3 Inches)

Ross Butler, 30, has been working diligently to establish a name for himself in Hollywood since he was a teenager. The majority of us now recognize the 6’3″ actor as Zach from 13 Reasons Why. But he has also played other significant roles.


Butler appears to be a whiz at TV shows, landing parts in K.C. Underground, Teen Wolf, and Riverdale. He has also acted in films like To All The Boys: Teen Beach 2, P.S. I Still Love You, and Shazam! You’ll probably continue to see this towering man on your screens in the near future.

Joe Manganiello (6 Feet 5 Inches)

This charming face may be one you are familiar with from the HBO original series True Blood. Alcide the werewolf was played by Joe Manganiello, who brought to the part his tall stature and athletic build. Manganiello has an amazing stature at 6 feet 5 inches, not to mention a sculpted visage perched atop his treelike physique. He also needs to look for a huge size 13 shoe at the shops for curiosity’s sake.

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When he was done being a good-looking werewolf, he went on to play in the movie Magic Mike. He’s also appeared as Flash Thompson in one of the Spider-Man movies. And when he’s not showing off his looks and skills in front of the camera, he’s behind it, producing and directing.

Vince Vaughn (6 Feet 5 Inches)

Despite approaching his fifties, Vince Vaughn doesn’t appear to be losing much of his 6 foot 5 height. The actor’s height and sense of humor are two of his most recognizable characteristics, which are always apparent when he enters a room.


You’d recognize Vaughn from one of the many roles on his resume. These include movies like Wedding CrashersSwingers, and The Break Up which he starred in opposite Jennifer Aniston. He’s also done work on the other side of the camera, he’s worked as a producer, comedian, and even a screenwriter. He’s also quite the activist.

Will Ferrell (6 Feet 3 Inches)

This is one unique instance where an actor’s or comedian’s height is really utilized to improve or further the realism of a role. Will Ferrell (6’3″) was a big elf in the movie Elf because he had been “adopted.” The movie was funnier and cuter because of how a big man interacted with the little elves.


Ferrell is a talented comic who can add humor to any situation, and he has built a successful career doing exactly that. His films The Anchorman, Step Brothers, and Daddy’s Home all demonstrate this.

John Corbett (6 Feet 5 Inches)

John Corbett is frequently a well-liked option whenever Hollywood filmmakers are looking for a tall, attractive love interest. The actor is a wonderful love interest actor because of his 6 ft 5 in height, friendly grin, and sympathetic eyes. This is also why he was a wonderful fit for the role of Aidan Shaw in Sex and the City.


Dave Bautista (6 Feet 6 Inches)

Dave Bautista is a professional wrestler who has had a very successful career thanks to his size and abilities. He was first debuted by the WWE as a 6 ft 6 in, 290 lb wrestler. There’s no denying that Bautista is on the larger side of life, despite allegations that he is only 6 feet 2 inches tall. Prior to his retirement, the former wrestler competed in mixed martial arts and bodybuilding.

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These days, Bautista’s new career as an actor makes use of his big size and rather intimidating appearance. He has appeared in films such as two Avengers films and both Guardians of the Galaxy films, where he plays Drax the Destroyer. However, he isn’t slowing down and already has new projects in the works. His career is unaffected whether or if he is 4 inches shorter than we were informed.

Sydney Tamiia Poitier – 5’11” (180 cm)

The famous actor Sir Sidney Poitier and the Canadian actress Joanna Shimkus had a daughter named Sydney Tamiia Poitier. Sydney, who is a member of Hollywood’s elite, has made appearances in numerous films and television programs.


Standing at 5’11”, Sydney is so close to six feet tall. Since the late 1990s, she has made primarily minor guest appearances, yet she is still easily recognized. She appeared in the 1998 films “Free of Eden,” “Death Proof,” “Grindhouse,” “True Crime,” and “Death Proof,” among others.

Adele – 5’9” (175 cm)

Ever since 2008, Adele has been a prominent name in the music industry. She debuted her first album, “19,” that year, and the rest has been history. So far in her career, Adele has set several records and won 10 Grammys, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award, among other accolades and awards.


One little known fact about Adele is how tall she is. She is 5’9” which you may not realize until you see her standing beside other, shorter celebrities.

Laura Dern – 5’10” (178 cm)

Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress Laura Dern. Her performances in “Jurassic Park” and “Blue Velvet” among her most well-known works. She is a producer, director, activist, in addition to being an actress.


Kate Grigorieva – 5’11” (182 cm)

Although you may only know her by the moniker Kate Grigorieva, she goes by Yekaterina Sergetvna Grigorieva in real life. It makes sense why she uses a different name at work. Russian model Grigorieva served as a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2015 to 2016.


Grigorieva, like many other Victoria’s Secret Angels, has benefited from her towering stature by using it to her advantage. She stands at 5’11” and has a slim figure that would make any fashion designer happy. It’s understandable why she has walked for labels like Givenchy, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace.

Chris Hemsworth (6 Feet 3 Inches)

We feel confident in stating that if superheroes were real, they would have to be fairly powerful as well as tall. Chris Hemsworth, in our opinion, would be the perfect superhero if that were the case. He already excels in his role as Thor in numerous Marvel films.


The Australian actor is 6’3” and very well-built, which is most likely why Marvel has used him for so many of their superhero movies, like Avengers. But Hemsworth has also worked on branching out, taking roles in a Men in Black movie and Snow White and the Huntsman, so show the diversity in his skills.

Clint Eastwood (6 Feet 4 Inches)

Clint Eastwood appears to have been in Hollywood forever because he is already in his 90s. The seasoned performer got his start on the Western TV show Rawhide, playing a very tall cowboy. Eastwood, who stands a commanding 6 feet 4 inches tall, blends in beautifully with the rest of our other tall Hollywood hunks.


In his almost 60 years in Hollywood, Eastwood has made appearances in 60 films and countless TV series. His most well-known movies include Gran Torino, Unforgiven, and Dirty Harry. He has also produced and directed numerous movies. Interesting to note is that only Kyle, one of Eastwood’s sons, has his father’s height.